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Kiss You Back

Doctor Know

doctorsofEastport season 2 MelWalkerebook copy.jpg
A Doctors of Eastport General Hospital Medical Romance Novel: Season Two

She thought she had all the answers.

Brilliant Neurologist Cynthia Haywood is a rising star at Baltimore’s most prestigious hospital just one step away from the coveted department chair. Everything she thought she wanted was within reach.

A family tragedy forces her to rush off to her sister’s home in Eastport Rhode Island, where she is thrust into a mysterious small-town world and the added responsibility of caring for her eight-year-old niece. But that's not her biggest challenge - it's him, Simon. He's the problem.  

The dreamy next-door neighbor with the adorable puppies becomes an immediate distraction. She should be focused on her family. She should be concerned with returning to her medical career back in Baltimore. 

Yet, she feels the pull of the kind neighbor who whispers words she never knew she needed to hear and has her heart racing. He's the calm she never knew she needed.  

She knows she should keep her distance. She knows she didn’t rush to Rhode Island for a love connection. She knows a lot of things - but one kiss from Simon jeopardizes everything she ever thought she knew. 

Will the attraction be enough for her to jeopardize her big city dreams? She doesn't know. 

coming March 16th

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Take You Back

Book Two: Spring Hills 10-Year
High School Reunion Series

Love is not a game. 

Book 2 in the Spring Hills 10 year High School Reunion Series - story of Jada and Kai. 

Coming April 30, 2023

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