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Want You Back - Mel Walker - E-Cover.jpg

The Right Time

Sometimes, the sweetest love may be found in your own backyard

Adrienne and Lucas' friendship spans a lifetime, woven with shared secrets, dreams, and the white picket fence that divides their worlds. But when Lucas returns home after years away, Adrienne’s heart stumbles into uncharted territory—a tangle of emotions she can’t untangle.

As she grapples with her feelings, Jasmine, her confidante, throws her a curveball: set her up with Lucas. The impossible choice looms—risk their lifelong friendship for love or play matchmaker and silently ache as love blooms elsewhere.

In this tender small-town romance, Adrienne must decide: will she forever watch from the sidelines or Is it the right time to confess her heart’s truth?

The Right Time is a best friends to lovers heartwarming emotional small town novella about taking chances and following your heart.

Coming February 7, 2024

Want You Back

Book Three: Spring Hills 10-Year High School Reunion Series

Never say never.

Bethany Cardinal hated nearly everything about her high school experience. Bullied and isolated, she counted down the days to her graduation with a promise on lips to never return.

Lincoln Busby is the one kind soul who saw Bethany for who she was. While she traveled the world gathering world wide acclaim he stayed in the small town and followed the path he always knew he would - manage his parent's coffee and bake shop.

A disastrous event occurs to Bethany, forcing her to return to the town she never thought she would. Things are different, but one thing has never changed. The boy with the golden heart.

When they attend the ten year high school reunion, it sets off a set of events that has them both looking back at past decisions and questioning their futures.

Is it too late for a second chance?

Coming April 30, 2024
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Summer Encore ebook cover placeholder2.jpg

Doctor Charmer

A Doctors of Eastport General Hospital Romance Novel 

Doctors of Eastport General is a brand-new Contemporary Romance series. Get ready for all the naughty nurses, dirty doctors, and patient shenanigans that take place in Eastport General.

Doctor Charmer is the next chapter in the series by author Mel Walker.

Coming August 2, 2024

Summer Encore

A Summers in Seaside Romance Novel

Will his second chance be his best chance? 

The boys of the band Bluer Collar return to the Seaside Music Festival in Oregon for an encore, hoping to recapture the magic that has escaped them for a year. They are a year older but not necessarily wiser.

Betty, a local woman, whom Laredo shared a whirlwind romance with a summer ago, waits for his return with a surprise that will rock his world.

Hold on tight because this isn't the encore Laredo was expecting.

Summer Encore is a small town second chance romance that is part of the Summers in Seaside Series.

Coming August 7, 2024
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