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Where We Were - Mel Walker - E-Cover.jpg


A Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion Novella

Emma Bradshaw snatched her high school diploma and raced across the stage not stopping until she was on an airplane escaping her small town of Spring Hills, Illinois. She was on a mission to find her joy, her passion, and her love. 

Ten years later she's returned to Spring Hills for her High School Reunion and reconnects with the quirky Gil Gentry and the dreamy Parker Evans. Two boys with whom she shares special connections and one dangerous secret. Did she search the world only to discover her hidden treasure had been waiting for her back in her hometown all along? 

Find out in the offbeat small-town romance Midnight.

Midnight is a novella inspired by Taylor Swift's "Midnights" release (it shares a title and the same release date). It takes place in the Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion world.  

When We Were

An Amazing Date - PreQuel

Just because you made a good plan, doesn’t mean that’s what’s gonna happen.” - Taylor Swift


The plan was simple - a week in Puerto Rico. 

Enough time to relax and reconnect with family before flying off to a plum assignment overseas. Simple, right? 

Then Rylee plopped down next to me on my beach towel and I knew I was in trouble. 

My life is straight lines drawn in black ink. Hers is a whirlwind of colored markers and chaos.  We all know what happens when a hurricane makes landfall, something has to give. 

When We Were is a FREE Novella Prequel to the novel “The Amazing Date” by Mel Walker 

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I Think He Knows

A Snowed Inn Holiday Short Story


Chicago Winters and Snow. Who Knew?

Because of this raging snowstorm, my not-so-secret crush on Jay Williams is about to be tested. It's not bad enough that his flight was canceled and we're driving cross country together to head home for the holidays. But now due to the snow, we have to make a detour and spend a night together. The problem is the hotel only has one room. 

Can I contain this secret crush for one more night? 

I Think He Knows is a Free Holiday Short Story inspired by the song I Think He Knows by Taylor Swift. 

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