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Aaron's Heart

Which will break first, her rule or his heart?


Rules of the heart are made to be broken.

Hungering for a life of adventure, when Aaron Parker fled his sleepy hometown of Destiny Falls, he vowed to never look back. In his decade spent on the road, he hasn’t regretted that decision once. He has found joy in every aspect of his life... except love.

If her past has taught Mia Marshall anything, it’s that long-distance relationships never work. After having her heartbroken time and again, she made one simple rule to prevent herself from falling in that same trap again. No long-distance relationships. If she’s meant to find love, it will be in her hometown of Destiny Falls... or not at all.

When Aaron makes a trip home for his Dad's retirement party, he finds himself drawn to Mia at first glance. But what chance does a man devoted to the road have with a headstrong woman whose been burned by her past?


Which will break first, her rule or his heart?

Ryan's Kiss

He was my best friend.  We should have known better.



His kiss was supposed to be the start of our forever.  Instead, it marked the beginning of our end. That damn kiss. one kiss that not only destroyed our future but ended my ability to believe, to trust, to love.


He was my best friend. We should have known better.


Three years kept us apart, yet an invisible rope continues to tug at us.  He’s finally returning home and I know it’ll only be a matter of time before we must face each other again. I’m older, stronger, wiser and no longer the starry-eyed girl who followed his every command.


He almost destroyed me last time, I won't give him a second chance. I can't.




Somebody's Heartbreak


The Last thing he needed was to meet her .....


Blake Carson runs off to the small-town Northeast Kingdom to escape a painful breakup.  Looking to clear his head and reboot, the last thing he needed was to meet her.

Alexis, a local mysterious woman, crosses paths with Blake and makes him an offer too good to be true – twenty-four hours with her to make him forget all of his troubles, forever.

The offer, however, comes with one stipulation. On this day he must not fall in love.  Will Blake be able to finally purge his painful history, or will this night lead to further heartbreak?


When the Leaves Begin to Fall: A Romance Anthology


When Summer ends and the air turns cool, the leaves aren't the only thing falling...

Follow these nine stories to finding their heart's desire in the brisk Autumn sun.

9 authors - 9 stories - One Theme:


Featuring "The Last Contender" by Mel Walker.


Summer Break Anthology

Summer is about to be even hotter....
The Summer Break Anthology brings you eleven stories of what happens when Winter is over. Remember to pack your sunscreen and bring a towel....

Featuring "Mine" a Lake Hope Short Fiction by Mel Walker

In a Lonely Place


Bryan Harper finally meets his one true, only to have an unexpected twist lead to their separation.  Consumed by his love of Brenda Richardson, Bryan goes on a path which has his friends baffled.  Does he stay true to his heart or does he listen to the people who have known him all of his adult life?  As tensions mount, Bryan is forced into a choice.  He must determine how far he will go for love?


What will he sacrifice? In the landscape of love and friendship, can he possibly have both?  


White Collar Blues


The Corporate World of General Modifications has always been a bastion of stability and loyalty. However, this is changing.
Justin - a 29 year veteran of General Modification - faces a career-threatening choice; he must decide - assimilate or resist.

Justin's wife, Leslie is fighting a different battle - A full-time small business owner, she encounters a smart, funny, knowledgeable businessman who may be interested in more than just her business. Will she be able to fend off his advances and keep their relationship professional?

Will the Grants survive or will change overtake their lives?



Second Chances an Anthology

9 authors - 9 stories - one theme


It's what we all hope for but rarely get. 

Maybe life threw you one too many punches and you had given up hope, or maybe you let that one person get away. There are so many reasons why we give up on life and our relationships, accepting that this is all we will have. Never getting that promotion or the person that you dream of, or maybe being able to live. 

For those found within these pages, they get that rare chance. A second chance at love, jobs or even life 

Featuring "A Matter of Patience" a Contemporary Second Chance Romance by Mel Walker. 





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