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The Right Time - DISCREET - Mel Walker - E-Cover.jpg

The Right Time

A Best Friends to Lovers Small Town Romance

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Sometimes, the sweetest love may be found in your own backyard


Adrienne and Lucas' friendship spans a lifetime, woven with shared secrets, dreams, and the white picket fence that divides their worlds. But when Lucas returns home after years away, Adrienne’s heart stumbles into uncharted territory—a tangle of emotions she can’t untangle.

As she grapples with her feelings, Jasmine, her confidante, throws her a curveball: set her up with Lucas. The impossible choice looms—risk their lifelong friendship for love or play matchmaker and silently ache as love blooms elsewhere.

In this tender small-town romance, Adrienne must decide: will she forever watch from the sidelines or Is it the right time to confess her heart’s truth?

The Right Time is a best friends to lovers heartwarming emotional small town novella about taking chances and following your heart.


"This was so beautifully written and such a heartwarming amazing story!!
I couldn't put it down..."

- Bookbub Reviewer

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