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Limited Edition Romance Anthology

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XOXO will be one of the binge-worthy anthologies of 2023. A collection of heroines that are forced to decide whether they are ready to let love into their life. The relationships build at every turn that will force you to believe in love and happily ever afters.

Featuring “Watch Your Back” By Mel Walker

a Spring Hills 10-Year High School Reunion Novella


✅High School Reunion

✅Small Town Romance 

✅Enemies to Lovers


✅An epic revenge plot that will leave you in stitches


Revenge is a dish best served in person, even if it takes a decade. 


Lucinda has marked the calendar for the Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion knowing it would finally bring her face to face with the boy who left her for broken. 

She’s used the time wisely - reinventing herself and plotting a dozen ways to exact her revenge.  A perfect plan that only requires her to do the one thing she had never been able to do - resist the magnetic pull of the stunningly handsome Nate. 

One look and she knows her plan is in jeopardy with only two possible outcomes - “I’m going to either kill him or kiss him”.  Which will it be? 


"All of the FEELS with this one! I fell quick. I fell hard. I absolutely LOVED this romance! Truly an excellent read from the beginning to the end."

- GoodReads Reviewer

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