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Want You Back - Mel Walker - E-Cover.jpg

Want You Back

Book Three: Spring Hills 10-Year High School Reunion Series

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She vowed never to return. He promised he’d never wait. Never say Never


In high school, I was the bullied thin, painfully shy, awkward girl who vowed never to return after graduation even if it meant leaving behind Lincoln, the one kind boy who saw the real me.
These days this ugly duckling has reinvented herself as a runway model, believe it or not. But trouble has a way of finding me and the only way I can fix it is to return to the town that never loved me and crash the ten-year high school reunion.
It’s not my reunion, so I need a date. Will Lincoln, the boy with the golden heart, say yes? He will, right?

Bethany was the girl with the soft voice and the broken smile. I thought she was gone forever.
But nine years later, she’s back for my high school reunion. She’s no longer the quiet mouse that needs protection. A lot has changed – but her special tap on my door tells me not everything has. One look, one touch reminds me that our shared history and magnetic connection lingers beneath the rubble of her abrupt departure. Underneath the glamor, I still see her. I’ve always seen her.
She’s back to rewrite her history and I only have a handful of days to remind her that not all of those days were filled with darkness. I am ready for my reunion - is she?

Want You Back is a heartwarming contemporary small town second chance romance set against a high school reunion with themes of redemption and forgiveness. 


"Real, honest, flawed characters... you want to know. This is a second chance, small-town romance with all the feels." 

- GoodReads Reviewer

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