STAGEFIGHT: A Modern-day Fairytale Retelling of the 'Princess and the Pea'. (Internet Famous Collection - Book 2)

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The stage is no place for romance.

Hell, it’s the last place I should be. I’ve always been happy living my life as if no one is watching because frankly, they aren’t.  Then my personal world is upset forcing me out of my comfort zone. In the blink of an eye, my entire world is overturned.  I’m about to fight my biggest fear and it’s going to play out in front of the entire world. Why would I do this? Because of him.


Music is my life, but the mask I wear to protect my carefully crafted persona also restricts me from evolving. A tragic event and a chance meeting have me willing to risk it all. But before I can, those that protect me insist on one thing: a hidden pea. It’s risky, ingenious, and cruel, but it will work. Only a true princess of music will be able to feel it in her bones. It’s a challenge we’re up for even if we are forced to fight for what we seek.

I’m about to give them something only she can feel. Queue the music.


This STANDALONE, modern-day fairytale retelling of the ‘Princess and the Pea’ is the sweetest combination of dance fiction and celebrity romance. Part of the Internet Famous Collection.



"Hope everyone gets a chance to Salsa-Merengue-Bachata over ot their Kindle store and Pre-order now!!

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